Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WHEN I GROW UP, I WANNA BE...................

                   You must let go of where you are to get to where you want to go.--B. Stanny

Fill in the blank, when I grow up, I wanna be.....................................Has a desire been stirring in your loins for a very long time:  a song waiting to be written, a clever gadget to market, a new eating regime, maybe a trip to an exotic island?  What is holding you back from giving your gift to the world, for giving yourself an experience of pleasure?

Possibly your intellect has hummed the tune, pulled out pencil and paper and sketched that clever gadget, you've bought the new diet book or you've got the brochures for Tahiti on your desk.  What is holding you back?  I hear it now, your unhealthy ego shouting you into your proper place with tidbits like:  Who do you think you are? Music, the arts, you better stay at your nine-to-fiver.  This
idea is stupid!  You've always been a loser.  There's too much competition for anyone to buy your products/services.  Exotic island, it'll probably sink while you're there, better stay home.  Or, here's the big-eee, you don't have any money for this daydream.

INSPIRATIONAL COACHING is about discovering why, what, where and when you sabotage your heart's desire. It's the nuts and bolts under the nuts and bolts--a metaphysical journey into the land of awe, mystery, miracles and mindlessness. Yes, I typed "mindlessness," because it's your "nindfullness" that keeps you in the intellect and the undesirable ego.  Get mindless!  Bypass this ever-thinking, conditional head-echo that is old business and move into your daydreams, your heart, your soul. 

Let's begin with this form of dream-shattering ego chatter that is a perpetual spinning wheel, a rat with a megaphone, that nit-picks at you until your dream lies in a heap in the corner of your consciousness. As Dr. Phil would say, "how's that working for you?"   I venture to say,"not too well."  Time for addressing this gremlin of your inner workings and kill it, or at least anesthetize it.

Example:  my gremlin is a big ole sluggish looking ole harpy that lies on a big sofa, a cigarette dangling from her buldging lips, which match her buldging, slimy green eyes, hair the color of puce, clownish make-up--get it, she looks like she's been whooped with an ugly stick--shouting out anti epitaphs to demean and demoralize me.  She's a professional gremlin and takes her job seriously, which is to keep me in my "little" place. There's no room for daydreaming about achievement in her vocabulary.  How do I make her disappear, or at least shut the f. up?  Answer:  I sprinkle salt on her, non-iodized works best. What better way to get rid of a metaphoric slug than a sprinkle of metaphoric salt?

Here's your assignment:  get as comfy as you can in your uncomfortable skin and call forth your gremlin, she wants conscious acknowledgment--the shadow gremlin will haunt you until you acknowledge her. Lure her in with a thank you for all she's accomplished, after all, your unhealthy ego has an ego too!  And, she's a sucker for a compliment. Draw at least a mental picture of her, but you can do a drawing or cut a picture out of a magazine as a representation. If you concretize her with a physical manifestation, be sure to put a big red X across the picture, burn it or flush it down the toilet. You don't want her to be in full glory wandering around your home and psyche.  You are arming yourself with a tool so that whenever this bitch shows up, you'll be ready to put her down. Once you create your counter-attack tactics, her chances of disabling you when you're vulnerable are minimized, all you have to do is re-enact, recall, the scene of slaying her.

As with all things, new behaviors may take some practice until they become automatic. My personal witnessing is:  when we become conscious of something, especially something as deeply rooted in our psyches as the gremlin, it's a process to annihilate it.  Like the massive roots of a plant, she's spread her talons throughout your inner being.  But then again, let's hope for the best, believing that we can slay her with one arrow. Happy gremlin hunting!

Believing that my experience, strength and hope may shine a light on your parade.

                                                                                         Until next time,
                                                                                            Glori Jarvi
                                                                     Inspirational Coaching for Entrepeneurs
                                                             "creating a panorama of possibilities for clients"

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