Monday, October 17, 2011


              We can unlock a door for someone who appears to be locked in.  --Julia Ormond

At times, like most of the time, I go about my merry way thinking (key word) that I know what is best for me--not!  It is when I allow a flow to happen, when I get out of my way and let the essence shine through. Entering the "field" is an amazing, enlightening experience, I simply have to give it space to enter.

Case in point:  For three months I've been researching, studying and writing a workbook for engaging the energies of the Moon Soul, the 29.5 day repetitive phases. (The Moon, probably the oldest metaphoric symbol that homo sapiens have used to answer the philosophical questions of what is life all about; aligning the movement of our closest celestial orb with the life, death, regeneration of themselves and life around them.) On the agenda, I had also reserved space to present some workshops on this theme.

A few weeks ago my friend, Cheri, did an Angel Card reading for me, and a whooping wind of change came blowing down my neck--makes me think of the movie, Chocolate.  Cheri gave an insightful, psychic reading allowing me to have a clearer understanding of my path, awakening me to the power of the hidden realm of energy called angels, especially Archangel Michael.  She told me this energy wants me to call on Him, and wants me to do so frequently. 

With the reading complete, I applauded Cheri for her innate psychic abilities, her gift that she had so eloquently shared.  We began to discuss the business side of her abilities when an opening happened in me that allowed for essence to flow into my consciousness and I was tossing out business possiblities like Santa throwing out candy in a parade.  I knew it wasn't my "thinking" alone, but a connection to the field, a panorama of possibilities, with me simply being a vehicle. My mind/thinking was being bypassed by a profound energy, greater than little ole me. I call it a magic place, a place where miracles occur.

After Cheri left, especially that night as I was in the quietude of my bed, the panorama expanded for her business.  I called her the next morning to set up a time when I could share this fresh layer of paint I was laying on the canvas.  While this was entry was occuring I recalled several times over the last 30 or so years that I had done the same with other entrepeneurs. Though I had contemplated being a business consultant, I never pursued it.

Having an entrepeneurial spirit has always been part of my who I am.  In the 1970-80's I owned a successful business called Mother Nature Plant Service in Portland, Oregon. Prior to that as a child of five I had two business ideas:  one, I wanted to drive the Moon across the sky like my father drove us from one destination to the next; two, I wanted to operate a mini-popcorn wagon (dates me to a time when such things existed at venues such as baseball games).  Over the years I've also designed and presented workshops and programs relating to the Divine Feminine and metaphysical practices.

I'm more than etching the surface of what is going on when Cheri arrives for the appointment, I'm feeling a hotter breath on my neck.  Let me back track a little:  in 2010 I studied Life Coaching but never found my niche to do it professionally--thought I'd gambled $7000.00 and lost, but believing all knowledge enhances who we are, I didn't wield the berating board over my head too much.  Now, the wind is whipping up a storm inside me, through me, as suggestions and ideas unfold for her business. Like a whooping crane dropping out of the sky, the Eureka! moment:  Creating a panorama of possibilities for clients, utilizing my coaching skills for Inspirational Coaching for Entrepeneurs.  The nail was hit squarely on my head! (Do you know nails use to be square? I found some on the site of a 150 years old house that was being remodeled).  I know I'm on purpose because I'm on passion. 

Gaining knowledge of the Moon and Her powers has enhanced my life and was part of the organic process, the flow that was necessary, to get me to my passion & purpose point.  Knowing and engaging with the cyclical energies of the Moon allows me to understand my own waxing and waning times; to work with them to the best of my advange. The Moon and I share a big commonality: we are both in the sign of Cancer.  I might double this because my rising sign is also Cancer, with my Moon in Pisces.  Oh, my, goddess--I'm a triple water sign.

Shift happens!  I'm glad I've allowed it.  I'm thrilled that I've gleaned how incredibly important being in an organic process is; to get my head out of the way of my heart and my soul, which is a simple process, but not always easy.  And I am communicating with Archangel Michael several times a day getting Good Orderly Directions--G.O.D.  New business cards are designed and on their way.  It's official!

Believing that my experience, strength and hope may shine a light on your parade, I sign off for today.

Glori Jarvi,
Inspirational Coaching for Entrepeneurs
Creating a panomrama of possibilities for clients,


S Cobain said...

Glori, What a load of shift. I am so happy for you. This sounds right. What a example of change. I look forward to hearing more. Take Care, Sheryl

Jen said...

So excited for you. You are already an amazing coach. I see the future bright with lots of business for you.