Monday, October 10, 2011


Ready or not, here She comes again!  With Full face, She blossoms in the night sky at 7:04 pm, Pacific Coast Time, Tuesday, October 11, 2011. 

Everchanging, yet constant and consistent in her various costumes, She is a sight to see, an energy to behold, and possibly, a threat to be wary of.  What sways your Moon Soul at her full-gowned appearance? The Full Moon is halfway between the Waxing phase and the Waning phase, leaving it up to your conscience to lean toward "merry" or "mad."

    Demoniac frenzy, moping melancholy and moon-struck madness.  -Milton/Paradise Lost

Four and one-half billion years ago she began Her shine in the sky.  She is the oldest, embodied entity to mirror back to humans the processeses of their lives, and hope for continuance:  life/death/regeneration.  Also called "The Hunter's Moon," and "Shedding Moon," because this is the season when deer shed their antlers and rut, the October Moon gives us a compelling drive to finish things before the onset of winter's dark and death. Maybe you want to "shed" some behaviors that aggravate you; maybe its time to clear out the closets, or utilize the energies of this powerful time to get your Christmans shopping done, or at least write down the shopping list. Whatever, there is high energy as She shines in her Fullness for the next 3-4 days.

If you've been laboring over a project, you might see things come to fruition, but it is not a time to begin a new endeavor--save that for the waxing moon.  Spot and weed out any excesses in your life, bring things to an end and break old habits and routines that are outdated and no longer serving your well-being. 

Do be aware of Her power so that you can use it positively not falling into the fears and superstitions that history seems to make of this phase of the Moon. With her Full-face shining upon you, with your emotions expanded, you'll be able to see deeper into your soul and into other's, making this an opportune time to look deeply into life.

Clear off the table, pull out your journal and pens, and write about your deep parts; take out the paints and brush and create a Mona Lisa; wax poetic with Sappho as your muse.  Do be pro-active so that you are managing your actions during this time of heightened awareness.

Be merry, be mad, it's a personal choice!